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Discover the unique event concept and benefits of becoming a Tradition und Markt franchisee through these questions and answers.

1. What is Tradition und Markt franchise?

Tradition und Markt franchise is an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur in the recreational event industry, benefiting from the experience and know-how of our professional team that will support you in building your business.

2. What is the unique event concept offered through the franchise?

The unique event concept offered through the franchise is the Christmas Village, a German-style Christmas market that can be adapted and used for other themed events such as Martisor Days, City Days, Beer Festival, Harvest Fair, and many others.

3. Who is the target audience for this concept?

The concept is aimed at all legal persons, municipalities, and public institutions.

4. Why become a Tradition und Markt franchisee?

Tradition und Markt franchise offers full support and know-how necessary to build your business. In addition, it provides intellectual property protection over the entire event, support from an experienced team in event organization,

operational simplicity through an innovative and rapid way of assembling / dismantling modular stands, a unified visual identity, and free hosting on the Tradition und Markt website.

The Christmas Village, a unique event concept in Europe, is adaptable and can be used for other themed events.

The franchise offers vast experience and a proven history in event organization, and the versatility of the modular hut system allows for the organization of specific themed events for each city.

Events are organized over long periods, sufficient to achieve financial objectives and targets, and there is visibility and access to a broad range of potential customers of all ages, and a unique collection of 6 warm wines with traditional aromas to offer an authentic German-style Christmas experience.

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5. What other themed events can franchisees organize throughout the year, besides the Christmas market?

Yes, franchisees can organize other themed events throughout the year, not just from November 15 to January 10. Here are some event suggestions: Martisor Days, Easter Holidays, Spring Fair, Cherry Festival, Electronic Music Festival, Film Festival, Theatre Festival, Wine Festival, Harvest Days, Septemberfest, Beer Festival.

6. What experience and proven history does the Tradition und Markt team have in event organization?

The Tradition und Markt team has vast experience in event organization with a proven history in the European market.

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7. What development and expansion opportunities does the franchise offer?

The franchise offers development and expansion opportunities in other areas of Europe, considering that the event industry is constantly growing.

8. How to become a Tradition und Markt franchisee?

To become a franchisee with Tradition und Markt, you need to follow a few steps. Firstly, visit their website and find out more about their franchise opportunities.

Next, contact them to discuss your interest and they will evaluate your application and arrange a personal meeting.

If they are interested in working with you, you will sign a franchise agreement and begin preparations.

Prior to applying, you should have previous business experience or relevant knowledge and sufficient financial resources. The franchise offers opportunities for development and expansion at a national and international level in a growing industry. Contact Tradition und Markt to start the application process.

Contact Tradition und Markt and start the application process.

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